What would a holiday be without an extended breakfast enjoyed at your leisure? Awaiting you here at the Moisl is such a breakfast, one that is sumptuous, refreshing, regional and homemade. Though if you prefer to sleep a little longer, between 10 AM and 2 PM we also offer for our in house guests a very relaxed à-la-carte breakfast with an outstanding selection of specialties and delicacies. We are also happy to get the days of our friends and neighbors off to a marvelous start with a delicious breakfast or brunch.

For Our Breakfast Guests ...

Something Hearty

For the perfect start to your day ... freshly brewed coffee, breakfast rolls from the baker next door, a selection of cold cuts from the local butcher and cheeses that matured at a mountain hut - that will do the trick, don't you think? Here, we greet you with a breakfast of the best, from the region, in a cozy atmosphere, with everything your heart desires.

From the Bakery

Our baked goods are produced with love by a slowfood baker. Morning after morning, they are pulled from the oven and carefully selected for our bread basket. Whether dark breads, French baguettes, white-bread breakfast rolls, butter croissants or sweet, or super-sweet temptations - it is very difficult to resist these bakery-fresh foods!

Breakfast for everyone

Even guests who are not staying at Hotel Moisl are welcome to enjoy breakfast here for € 22.50.

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Not to be topped!

What would a breakfast be without wholegrain cereal! Some like it as is, others prefer it somewhat sweeter. So that we get it right as far as your own personal tastes are concerned, you will find a special highlight at our morning buffet - an outstanding cereal bar with all kinds of flakes, grains, mueslis, nuts and seeds.

Enjoy the wide selection ...

Our friend, the egg

Get your day off to a powerful and energizing start with a special experience at our breakfast buffet: Delicious egg dishes, personally prepared à la minute by our breakfast cooks, using fresh eggs from free-range hens.

Make your bread happy!

Oh my, so delicious! They taste like a breakfast in the garden - our spreads, part of every authentic Salzburg-style breakfast – homemade, of course! Created only from the freshest ingredients, perfect on top of crispy-fresh bread, with raw vegetables or on crackers.