Pool and Saunas

Enjoy pure wellness on 800 m².

Opening hours: 07:00 - 19:00For longer than anyone can remember, herbs, with their unique characteristics, have been used to heal and regenerate body, mind and soul. We will conjure up a personal bathing experience just for you with carefully selected herbs and high-quality oils of almond, sesame and jojoba. Choose from our perfectly balanced herbal mixtures based on your needs for regeneration and/or relaxation.

Opening hours: 07:00 - 19:00

Hydrangea Bath

Our pool area is affectionately known as the Hydrangea Bath, inviting you to take a swim and relax completely. Glide weightlessly through the water, loosen your muscles after a strenuous day in the mountains and revive your spirit ...

  • Steps providing effortless access to the pool
  • Counter-current
  • Massage bench 
  • Bubble jets
  • Waterfall

Rock Sauna

Fire, natural rocks, water – these are the ingredients for sauna dreams. Located in the upper part of the wellness area, the Rock Sauna allows you to enjoy gentle heat in combination with high humidity, a special variant of a hot steam-sauna. Only once the rocks have been heated up does the iron arm of the basket holding the rocks pivot into the water tank – then, with lots of hissing and steam, the unique mineral elements are released from within the rocks.


The Brechelbad is a form of vapor sauna, in which you are able to inhale the pleasant fragrances of broken twigs of fir and spruce trees. This form of sauna looks back on a long tradition. In fact, people were already using the Brechelbad for a healthy sweat back in the year 1900! In those days, woodcutters frequently had to work deep in the forest until the days of late autumn, often after the first snows had fallen. To protect themselves against colds and other winter ailments, the woodcutters would break twigs over a big pot of hot water that was hanging above an open fire, then inhale the essential oils which were produced.

Finnish Sauna

Characteristics of a Finnish sauna include high temperatures between 85 and 110° C and low humidity. Water infusions can be used to increase the humidity rapidly for a short period. Aside from the Finnish sauna, you will find our Mist Grotto, where an ultra-fine mist envelops and refreshes you. After your sauna session, invigorating spa showers and Kneipp pools await.

  • Ladies' Sauna: 2 to 3 PM
  • Men's Sauna: 3 to 4 PM
  • Mixed Sauna: 4 to 6:30 PM

Supplemental Treatments

Eucalyptus Steam Sauna

The soothing, pleasant steam (45 to 55 °C) loosens all of your muscles, which is immensely revitalizing after, for example, an extended hike in the mountains or a full day of skiing. Furthermore, it opens the respiratory passages and strengthens the immune system

Infrared Cabin

Enjoy the deep relaxation resulting from infrared heat and do wonders for your health in general! As with all of the other saunas, the infrared cabin is available to you all day long for free.

Aroma Steam Grotto

Aromatic and revitalizing... Our aroma steam grotto actually involves a steam sauna in which you can select from four different aromas at the touch of a button! The soothing aromas will loosen your entire musculature, which is especially revitalizing after a physically strenuous day in the mountains.


A color spectrum, tropical rain, the fragrance of lemon and music transport you into a state of peace and relaxation. With this hint of a tropical climate, you will embark on your next day with strength renewed. Only enter the Relaxarium wearing a swimsuit. Leave your towel and spa robe outside!