Enjoy our soothing baths for all the senses, for relaxing moments in a caring atmosphere of total happiness.


For that extra-special "something" - a glass of sparkling wine.

Imperial Bath

A true highlight!

Our nostalgic "Imperial Bath" made of solid bell-bronze is a magnificent highlight in its own right. Here, the two of you can unwind wonderfully as you sip on a glass of sparkling wine. Added to your bath, oil lotions pamper your skin with silky-soft foam and valuable active ingredients. In the warm water, the natural essential oils unfold their full fragrant effects – a sensual bathing experience indeed, soothing body and soul. And after every rejuvenating bath, our hay beds await you.

per person (ca. 20 minutes) € 32.50


Foamy Oil Baths

For your Imperial Bath, choose from the following natural bath additives:

Let go, slow down
Appropriate for: fatigue and inner imbalance
Ingredients: essential oil of lemonbalm
Effects: relaxing, promotes better sleep


The perfect additive for a bath that relaxes and balances.
Appropriate for: restlessness and sleep problems
Ingredients: essential oil of lavender
Effects: soothes, brightens your spirits


Strengthens body and mind whilst relieving the metabolism
Appropriate for concentration problems and exhaustion
Ingredients: essential oil of pine
Effects: promotes concentration, revitalizes



If you like the fragrance of tar, we would be glad to add a few drops of essential oil.

Mineral-Oil Bath

Black Gold

A bath to bring a sense of peace and relaxation, a welcome treatment for your overtaxed musculoskeletal system. High levels of organically bonded sulfur have a soothing effect on muscles and joints. Treat yourself and your tired muscles to this extraordinary bath. After each bath, our hay beds await you.

per person (ca. 20 minutes) € 27.50


We surprise you with two special ingredients: time and silence.

Kaiser Beer

We serve you an ice-chilled Kaiser Fasstyp 0.3 l beer right there in the bath.

Beer Bath

Even back in the Middle Ages, the monks valued the benefits of hops and malt for our health in general and for the skin in particular. Today, beer baths are once again a popular trend – the name alone certainly gets the attention of men. Though of course, this bath is also a source of joy for women as well! A wonderful brew of hops and malt is added to your bath water. A stuffed jute bag provides a skin peel while you are in the tub. And right after the bath, head straight for the hay bed.

per person (ca. 20 minutes) € 29.50



Choose from our various herbal compositions.

Herbal Bath

A bath full of herbal wisdom

For longer than anyone can remember, herbs, with their unique benefits, have been used to promote healing and regeneration of body, mind and soul. We will conjure up for you a bathing experience that combines carefully selected herbs with high-quality oils of almonds, sesame and jojoba. From our wide variety of carefully blended herbal mixtures, choose what best meets your personal needs for regeneration and/or relaxation. And after your bath, our hay beds await you.

per person (ca. 20 minutes) € 22.50


Herbal Mixtures

Select your herbal bath from the following natural bath additives:

Rose & Orange Blossom
Effects: harmonizes, revives


Lavender & Orange Blossom
Effects: balances, harmonizes


The goodness of the Alps brought together in one bath
Contains: pine, sunflower petals, arnica, lady's mantle, mallow root
Effects: calms, balances, regenerates
"Just for Women"
A powerful herbal blend designed especially for women
Contains: woodruff, lady's mantle, chamomile, lime blossom and yarrow
Effects: lowers blood pressure, calms, relieves cramping,
warms, antibiotic


"Mental Strength"
The sunshine blend for rainy days
Contains: sunflower, lavender, lemonbalm, rose petals, St. John's wort, peppermint, lime blossom
Effects: raises spirits, balances, energizes, cools
"In Balance"
The gentle mixture for irritated skin
Contains: ivy, arnica, woodruff, goldenrod, lady's mantle, sorrel, marjoram, juniper, marigold
Effects: balances, calms, reduces inflammation, moisturizes


Where sustainability meets naturalness and vitality meets relaxation, this is where you discover total peace.